Monday, April 26, 2010

Collection Management VI: The Label, part 4 (last)

What else goes on this little label?

I write a small description of the specimen at the bottom, such as:
  • Gray metallic massive
  • Pencil-shaped crystals
  • Green, pink, and blue Xtals on matrix [Xtals = crystals]
  • Blue XOM [XOM = crystals on matrix]
  • Blue mXOM [mXOM = microscopic crystals on matrix]
  • Massive; from type locality
  • Heavy!
  • Fragile! Don't touch Xtals!
  • Water soluble white XOM
  • Poisonous gray octahedra OM
  • Radioactive yellow powdery OM
  • et cetera.

That is, the description should be a short version of anything you would say to a beginning collector who wanted to look at the specimen.


Also, you may want a border, signature, or "from the collection of..." statement on each of your labels.


I put indexing information on the back of my labels. I am a systematic collector, so the label gets the Dana numbers (from Dana's System of Mineralogy, currently in its eighth edition) for each of the minerals present.

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