Monday, March 1, 2010


Old friend and fellow mineralogist Vandall King recommended that I start a blog, so here it is. In future installments, I hope to tell stories about minerals and gems, so stay tuned!

But first, some words from my sponsor. My company, Mary Johnson Consulting, has a website with my background. The site,, is active but updated infrequently. (The site includes some of my zoo sketches as well.)

I also have an exciting service for anyone who needs ideas about minerals, gems, their durability, curation, display, etc.: one half-hour discussion for new clients for $25. For half of the time we discuss your problem and for the remaining 15 minutes we brainstorm on possible solutions. Contact me at with BRAINSTORM as the subject line if you are interested.

Finally, my book Gemstones: A Complete Color Reference for Precious and Semiprecious Stones of the World, by Karen Hurrell and yours truly, is available from Barnes & Noble ( Reviews have been quite positive, and the first edition, out now, has an enjoyable typo on page 184.
ISBN: 1435106105 or ISBN-13: 9781435106109.

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